30. 7. 2016.

Recent Additions:

God Is Reality: Metaphysical Knowledge and Spiritual Realization
Religion, Globality, and Universality
The Prayer of the Heart in Hesychasm and Sufism
Metaphysics, Poetry and Logic in Oriental Traditions
[Video] Religion, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Sufism and Art

Studies in Freemasonry and the Compagnonnage
Шта подразумевамо под Традицијом?
Материјалистичка цивилизација

The Decay of Words
René Guénon & Integral Traditionalism
The Hegemony of the White Races
Biological Youth & Political Youth
Гвоздена гарда

Ko je ђаво” и где је „пакао”

The Racial Archetypes of Eurasia in the Oera Linda Chronicle
On the Question of Russian Runes
The Russian Heart of the East
Siberia: The Empire of Paradise
Russia and Virgo Solar
Russian Orthodoxy and Initiation
Continent Russia
The Subconsciousness of Eurasia
America the “Green Country”

The Purpose of the Church

Most Christians Are Not Born
Prayer is Breathing

The Inner Unity of the Philokalia and Its Influence in East and West

Clash of Paradigms: The Doctrine of Evolution in the Light of the Cosmological Vision of St. Maximos the Confessor

The Sacred and the Post-Modern: An Impossible Convergence
The Reign of Pure Quantity and the Parody of Quality:
Reflections on René Guénon’s Intimations of Post-Modernity

The Prophet of Islam and the Monks of Christendom

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